About The Nomad Girl

Many reasons motivated me to do this. Knowing the restless person that I am, I explore multiple things that come my way and sometimes I go even out of the way to explore. Being  a big time foodie  made me  review the food around that I experienced and also help out my friends to find easy ways of home cooking that do not have to be sad. This lead me to start the “Chronicles of Vishu’s Kitchen facebook page my very first venture and sharing platform: https://www.facebook.com/chroniclesofvishuskitchen

Apart from food, I am a big fan of beauty care and make up though I strongly believe that everyone is beautiful as they are. I love sharing my reviews on various products that I use.

So basically the Nomad Girl is a one stop channel for all that will come my way and the things that I would like to share. 

Hope you guys will join in 🙂