The Ocean Vibes

I was in Chennai recently and visiting Marina Beach was on top of my list. Just a little flashback, just a few more than one year ago, Chennai was hit by floods. The life stopped, people lost their home, family and much more then we can imagine. A calm city that was in such a Chaos.

I went to Marina and sat there alone thinking. Thinking that it’s the same ocean that went wild a few months ago. That day it looked calm and composed. The waves were still hitting the shore but playfully and local people embracing it with love and affection.

Ocean and me became instant friends as I felt we were similar. Seemed we were in conversation without any words. Many words come to mind with word ocean- Free, Wild, Waves, Calm, Loud and what not.

I left with  promise to keep in touch.

#Chennai #Travel #Adventure #ChennaiBeach #MarinaBeach #TheNomadGal #LoneTraveller #Beach #BeachLife


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